T H E M A I N P U R P O S E O F L I F E. C O M

http://replone.com/mtm THE MANY-TIMERS MANIFESTO!!!

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  Having become The Many-times Human with Reciprocating Life - To live, with dignity, calm and honest - as often as it is possible and to work for the good of humanity without committing acts for which you can lose eternity and your Many-timer right to Save you Full Master-code or Rights to Re-birth on the Earth ... and in the result - prove to be with your complete Master-code in the list of passengers of the fly away CODESHIPS that worthy to continue your reciprocating life and on the other planets, too - using robotic factories to automatically adapt to new planets resources and producing the first generation of people on a new planet for their master codes offering as parents robots trained nurse babies and teaching them to love, care and all that invent the people on the Earth ... ... To live On a New Planet as well as on the Earth - calmly and honestly in reciprocating lifes form and again leave the planet when life on it will become impossible ... And all this time - infinitely - see that YOUR NEW EACH LIFE and the future of All humanity - every time in something - gets each time better than your past life or then the past of the whole humanity, making for this purpose everything possible from you including without sparing your life for this together with all Many-timers.